Salma Hayek’s boobs are fake. Who knew?

Nice. And normal.
Fucking sideshow!

Now I don’t follow the Hollywood gossip much. But when I think of Salma Hayek. I don’t think acting or talent. I think big boobs.

Just like Kim Kardasian and her big ass. It’s pretty much their sole reason for being famous. Like a fucking calling card!

So I’m googling Salma Hayek for a milf post and I come across some old pics of her with a pretty average (at best) chest. I’m like who the fuck knew. I never knew that a small-chested Salma even existed.

(And don’t claim that she grew into these puppies and shit. Please! You don’t go from a nice solid B cup to Pornstar Triple-Fs in your late 30s.)

Now let that be a lesson. Boobs can make you famous.