Why do you hate gays?
Nice try with the reverse psych shit. We in fact really don’t care what they do with their lives.  We’re not bible-thumpers and really have no opinion on gay unions or marriage etc. What we don’t like is the gay mafia who go on the warpath against those who aren’t into their scene and/or who may make jokes about gays. We especially despise the way they threaten outing other gays (who may want to keep it private and/or disagree with them politically). These people are scumbags. PS – Hate to break it to you but a guy sticking his prick into another guy’s asshole is not “progress!!” as much as you’d like to frame it as some civil rights milestone. There’s a reason guys have dicks. And broads have pussies. Sorry. Other than that feel free to fuck each other.

Why do you hate feminists?
Because they suck. That’s why. And mostly because they are frauds. They are basically PC leftists, not feminists. Next question.

Why do you hate Hollywood actors?
Because they are like fucking sheep, all falling in line with the latest moonbat ‘in’ cause. I swear part of becoming an actor has a secret pact that requires them to morph into little leftists or something. How is it that only 20% of this country consider themselves liberal yet 95% of Hollywood is uber leftist? You’re telling me every actor who makes his/her way to Hollywood is a liberal from the jump? No fucking way. It’s statistically impossible. And makes no sense. It’s all about a mob mentality, sheep behavior. Need I say more about these douchebags?

What’s with your hate of Matt Damon?
Damon started out as a solid actor. Then in the mid 2000’s went all Sean Penn for some fucked up reason and basically tried shoving his leftwing causes and opinions down our throats – at every turn. So fuck him. We boycott anything with Damon’s name on it.  Right now, he’s the ultimate douchebag. Watch the interview below (putting politics aside). The guy is a total fucking elitist dick. Period. This will go down in history as the biggest douchebag interview ever.

What are your politics?
We don’t like politicians on either side. Most all suck. But we’d probably describe our politics as Libertarian/Contrarian/Against the Establishment. Basically we go against the grain. We mock everyone; and trust no one. Especially the ones with the loudest megaphones. Whoever is trying to control our lives and propagandize their ideology the most is who we fucking despise the most. And that would be the nanny state liberals (and their media and Hollywood allies). In a fucking landslide. But if for some odd reason Hollywood suddenly went all conservative, and the mainstream media dropped their liberal bias for a conservative one, and if college professors started brainwashing students on conservatism (instead of liberalism), and they were all spouting right wing bullshit at every turn – then we’d bash the conservative sheeple.

Let us know when that happens.

What’s the strategy to your blogging?
What we try to do is spread the babe posts out strategically. This way if you are at the office (and your boss walks in) or home on the couch (and your wife plops down next to you), you can quickly scroll up to a sports post… and they”ll never know you were just looking at Brooke Burke’s ass. That is fucking key!

What’s with the name Men’s Free Press?
That is another key. We could have called it milfzone or something. But that would be a dead giveaway to your boss and/or wife. No? Men’s Free Press is whatever you want it to be to your wife. Honey it’s a sports blog, relax. Or you can pretend it’s a metrosex blog like GQ or something. You could wear silky pajamas, pretending your reading about how to scrub your face at night and stuff.  What the fuck ever.


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