Media reaches out to Bill Nye the (not so) Science Guy for a lifeline

Just the latest attempt to convince the low-info sports fans that the corrupt American media was right to trash the integrity of the greatest coach and QB in NFL history. With no evidence.

After Belichick’s presser yesterday, where he destroyed the preconceived bullshit narratives of ESPN, SI, Pro Football Talk, etc – the Bristol toy department branch of American Pravda (not liking the fucking scrambled egg dripping from their faces) reached out to a scientist named Dr. Kiel Chistianson from the University of Illinois’ School of Science & Technology.

Unfortunately it did not go well for the media. As Dr Kiel confirmed pretty much everything Belichick stated.

Here’s the audio/video.

Guess how many tweets this video produced from the likes of Peter King, Mike Florio, etc – who have been trashing Belichick all week?

You fucking guessed it… Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Well. Back to the drawing board for the American Pravda scumbags. Today, GMA Sunday brought on the bow-tied moron Bill Nye the Science Guy (who holds a, get this, BS in Engineering).
Bill Nye

Here’s what the dipshit said, “This doesn’t make sense?”

Well, duh. When you are a fucking fake scientist, nothing makes sense. Without a script.

This comment led to about a million tweets from the liberal fools in the media.

Bottomline. Fake Scientist. Fake Scandal. Fake media.

Danny Ainge suddenly loves Rajon Rondo… after trade failed

Oh. Fuck.

ESPN Boston

“I’ll talk to Rondo,” he added. “But I won’t tell you what I’ll say to him. Rondo will be fine, Rondo knows that we love him. He knows that we like him. He’s excited to come back and play basketball, in my opinion. He gets a lot of attention. He’s a great player.”

This is too fucking funny. Sort of like when that smoking babe leaves you at the hotel, handcuffed to the bed, with your wallet in tow. You then head home with you head between up your legs. And all of sudden your wife of 10 years doesn’t look so bad.

That was fast… Michael Ryder signs with Dallas Stars

So much for Chiarelli’s idea yesterday.

“We certainly haven’t parted ways [with Ryder],” Chiarelli said. “I’m weary of the market as it stands now so I said, ‘Look guys, go out there and see what’s going on and we’ll continue to talk.’

Ryder basically went out there and found out “what’s going on.” To tune of $7 million over two years. From the Dallas Stars. Thank you very much.

Now I would have assumed $3.5 million per (a cut from $5 mil) is what the Bruins were thinking with Ryder. Maybe a bit lower. But they obviously didn’t sign him before he hit the market. So it’s a moot fucking point.

Ryder leaves with a solid (albeit under-performing for his salary) 63 goals in 3 years with the Bruins. Along with a, oh, Stanley fucking Cup!

And he’ll always be remembered for the glove save he made in Game 5 against Montreal (with score 0-0) in Round one.

Holy jumpin’!

Bruins’ Playoff Beards ‘Played into a Gay Stereotype’ or Something

This, according to one Wesley Morris writing in (Bill Simmons’ big-money bomb). I mean this is the stuff that drives me absolutely insane.

Really. Who watches the Bruins and comes up with this shit? Not real men. I can guarantee you that. I’m concerned about Horton’s concussion and the power play efficiency. Meanwhile, Wesley is playing six degrees of gay fucking bikerville.

They wore the hair of work, force, and power, of Vikings and Visigoths. The beards also played into a powerful gay stereotype that wasn’t lost on anyone who knows the first thing about sexual coding, even if it hadn’t occurred to Bruins themselves.

These dudes were bears.

Stereotypically, a bear is stocky. He’s husky, rotund, or just fat. He’s into flannel and leather and younger men who he calls cubs. This dude is a bear. That is not the literal thing about the Bruins’ beards. Bears tend not to be all, “I’m a bear, yo.” The literal thing is that the Bruins literally looked like bears. The padding of the uniforms provided those extra plies of huskiness and, in Tim Thomas’ case, of squatness.

The excerpt is rather puke-worthy, no? Morris sure seems to be fantasizing about Thomas’ “huskiness” and “squatness.”Thank God Thomas didn’t have a flannel on or Wesley would have creamed right there.

But remember, this qualifies as art to the (self) important people. Probably gonna win a Pulitzer or something.

The Winnipeg Jets Still Suck! (Despite the Hot Distraction)

Okay she’s hot. That said. I have to get this off my chest today.

The idea that Winnipeg was allowed back in the NHL is a huge travesty. (Right up there with Bobby Orr going to Chicago.) I mean we’re talking legendary outrage here. This is the Winnipeg fucking Jets. Hello!

I don’t care how smokin’ the Jets model is above. (And I highly doubt she’s even from Winnipeg. She’s probably from Atlanta for all we know. Since when do they wear bikinis in Manitoba?)

Now to all you being brainwashed by the revisionists…. Let’s not forget history here. The Winnipeg Jets sucked in the 80s. Sucked in the 90s. Struggled to sellout even (rare) playoff games. Yet the way the media is talking, we are watching the restoration of one of the NHL’s storied franchises. Please! The Detroit Red Wings they ain’t.

Gary Bettman, in my opinion, was basically forced to accept this joke of a city back into the NHL by the pro Canuck mafia.  Or else they’d threaten to burn down another city or something. They can all suck it.