‘Rise’ with Milf of the Day: Brooke Burke

I’m contemplating whether it’s even worth writing anything to accompany these milf of day posts. Because a.) It’s hard to write something while staring at Brooke Burke. Although I guess I could write first and insert the images last – but you need the photos for inspiration, no? And B.) Does anyone really give two shits what I write in these milf posts?

Whatever! I’ll make it quick. Brooke Burke is a 40 year old hawt hawt milf – who is now the host of Dancing with the Stars.


Tidbit: She was born in Hartford, CT. 

‘Rise’ (and Shine)… with the Original Milf Jennifer Coolidge

Jenn Coolidge, the original milf form American Pie fame, is sort of like the Sarah Palin of Milfville. You either love her or you hate her. Not much in between.

I’ve always dug her, from way back in the American Pie days. And that was before her fake big boobs were added to the mix. I mean it’d be like Rajon Rondo finding a jumper. Hall of fame shit we’re talking here. She is absolutely legendary now. Like an old Ford F150, heavy duty – built to last. From here on in, she is a MFP icon – the American milf standard bearer. Period.