Media reaches out to Bill Nye the (not so) Science Guy for a lifeline

Just the latest attempt to convince the low-info sports fans that the corrupt American media was right to trash the integrity of the greatest coach and QB in NFL history. With no evidence.

After Belichick’s presser yesterday, where he destroyed the preconceived bullshit narratives of ESPN, SI, Pro Football Talk, etc – the Bristol toy department branch of American Pravda (not liking the fucking scrambled egg dripping from their faces) reached out to a scientist named Dr. Kiel Chistianson from the University of Illinois’ School of Science & Technology.

Unfortunately it did not go well for the media. As Dr Kiel confirmed pretty much everything Belichick stated.

Here’s the audio/video.

Guess how many tweets this video produced from the likes of Peter King, Mike Florio, etc – who have been trashing Belichick all week?

You fucking guessed it… Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Well. Back to the drawing board for the American Pravda scumbags. Today, GMA Sunday brought on the bow-tied moron Bill Nye the Science Guy (who holds a, get this, BS in Engineering).
Bill Nye

Here’s what the dipshit said, “This doesn’t make sense?”

Well, duh. When you are a fucking fake scientist, nothing makes sense. Without a script.

This comment led to about a million tweets from the liberal fools in the media.

Bottomline. Fake Scientist. Fake Scandal. Fake media.


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