That was fast… Michael Ryder signs with Dallas Stars

So much for Chiarelli’s idea yesterday.

“We certainly haven’t parted ways [with Ryder],” Chiarelli said. “I’m weary of the market as it stands now so I said, ‘Look guys, go out there and see what’s going on and we’ll continue to talk.’

Ryder basically went out there and found out “what’s going on.” To tune of $7 million over two years. From the Dallas Stars. Thank you very much.

Now I would have assumed $3.5 million per (a cut from $5 mil) is what the Bruins were thinking with Ryder. Maybe a bit lower. But they obviously didn’t sign him before he hit the market. So it’s a moot fucking point.

Ryder leaves with a solid (albeit under-performing for his salary) 63 goals in 3 years with the Bruins. Along with a, oh, Stanley fucking Cup!

And he’ll always be remembered for the glove save he made in Game 5 against Montreal (with score 0-0) in Round one.

Holy jumpin’!


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