Wait. What? PETA names Russsell Brand and Kristen Wiig “sexiest vegetarians”

Kristen Wiig

Someone missed the boat on this one. I mean this almost seems satirical.

Now I don’t know much about the vegetarian lifestyle –  but there has to be someone better looking than Russell fucking Brand out there. The dude is death warmed over. Who no doubt stinks like rotten chicken.

And the chic, I hate to say, is not much better. Wiig is supposedly 37. Yet looks closer to 57. Not ugly at all. But definitely weathered beyond her years.

If this is the best PETA can come up with, what does it really say about the vegetarian lifestyle? It’s almost as if this PR was hijacked by the meat industry in order to scare you away from vegetables. Sort of like those meth photos.

To me it says eat steak – rare.

Update: Okay. I’m officially suspicious. This seems like a prank. Even Brand’s comments are a bit suspect.

“You shouldn’t eat animals, it’s mean to them,” said Brand.

Or is he that fucking stupid?

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