, the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf?

Just had the chance to check out Bill Simmons’ new blog, called Grantland. I guess the name has something to do with some pseudo-intellectual reference. (Grantland Rice was an early American sportswriter – who 99.9% of American sports fans have never heard of.)

Simmons is supposedly spending big money on a self-touted “murderers’ row” of writers, with the goal of reinventing sports journalism as some highbrow artistry.

Talk about pretentious.

Please! Get the fuck over yourself.

First off, if you’re going to pawn yourself off as some sort of intellectual wizbang, it’d help if you at least attempted to act competent with the basic fundamental shit. You know, like, um, making sure your annual domain registration is paid on time.

I mean eleven days out of the gate (with the masthead numbers outperforming the actual posts) and the smartest people in the room have their domain name expire and website seized by their registrar. Not a good start. (And they use Network Solutions like the rest of us slobs).

The website design itself is rather pathetic – to put it fucking mildly. And this is just a guess, but I’m betting the exclusion of imagery on the home page has some kind of highbrow meaning behind it. Just a guess. Some pouponish bullshit about “pictures getting in the way of words” and stuff like that.

And the best part is when you dig into the articles. It’s like being in a time warp, circa 1998 or something. Fucking static pages with no comments or user profiles, which, in case Simmons is wondering, come canned these days in most web apps/templates.

But who knows. Maybe Simmons is burning through ESPN’s dough so fast, paying for his “murderers’ row” of writers, that he shorted the web guys. Or, quite possibly (and more plausible) it was an executive decision by Simmons to keep the riff raff away from the artwork of the highly-paid journalists.

Whatever it was, it reeks of amateur hour – because you’re either a narcissistic tool or an incompetent web publisher. Take your pick.

Okay. So the design basically sucks and the functionality is Microsoft Frontpage 98ish. But the writing must be top notch, right?


If you are into why the Boston Bruins may be giving gay sexual code with their playoff beards, and other homo/hippie poetry (think Rolling Stone covering sports), Grantland could be your thing.

To me it sucks. And is quite possibly the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf.

Early line: Over/under = 1 year.

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