Fake cheese is the key to a perfect cheese hot dog!

Okay. I have it down pat now. I was really getting concerned there the past few days that my tastes buds may have shit the bed or something. Because for some reason I was screwing up a fucking cheese dog.

I mean hadn’t had one in like 30 years or so. I think the last time I had one was at the Orange Julius in the Peabody, Mass Mall – way back in the early 80s. So it wasn’t like I was a one-time expert or anything. But it’s a friggin’ cheese dog. How hard can it be?

First I tried the Land O Lakes American deli cheese; then Cracker Barrel cheddar; even mozzarella. Nothing! They all tasted just okay.

Then this afternoon I used the fake shit – the stuff in a plastic wrap. It was even the store brand, not the upscale Kraft Singles crap. Real low qual.

But man is it good melted with a hot dog. The stuff sticks to the roof of your mouth. Good fucking shit. Try it!


One thought on “Fake cheese is the key to a perfect cheese hot dog!

  1. I’ve used colby jack for years. But you’re right. Fake American cheese is the way to go. You just can’t shit for two days.

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