The Winnipeg Jets Still Suck! (Despite the Hot Distraction)

Okay she’s hot. That said. I have to get this off my chest today.

The idea that Winnipeg was allowed back in the NHL is a huge travesty. (Right up there with Bobby Orr going to Chicago.) I mean we’re talking legendary outrage here. This is the Winnipeg fucking Jets. Hello!

I don’t care how smokin’ the Jets model is above. (And I highly doubt she’s even from Winnipeg. She’s probably from Atlanta for all we know. Since when do they wear bikinis in Manitoba?)

Now to all you being brainwashed by the revisionists…. Let’s not forget history here. The Winnipeg Jets sucked in the 80s. Sucked in the 90s. Struggled to sellout even (rare) playoff games. Yet the way the media is talking, we are watching the restoration of one of the NHL’s storied franchises. Please! The Detroit Red Wings they ain’t.

Gary Bettman, in my opinion, was basically forced to accept this joke of a city back into the NHL by the pro Canuck mafia.  Or else they’d threaten to burn down another city or something. They can all suck it.


17 thoughts on “The Winnipeg Jets Still Suck! (Despite the Hot Distraction)

  1. EVERYTHING you stated is DEAD on. AMEN!!!. F&%K the Jets. Bringing them back to Winnipeg will prove to be a disaster in the long run. Yea, they’ve sold the building out for the next 3+ years & yea the demand for them is extremely high right now, but when they can’t attract good players due to not being able to get enough revenue (from having the smallest arena in the league), they will continue to lose and carry on the tradition of the old Thrasher team. People will get tired of paying the highest ticket prices in the NHL & seeing a losing product year after year. The hysteria will then quickly fade & die. I predict they will be gone in about 10yrs (maybe sooner)

  2. Spoken like true winner peg wantabies… What a bunch of uneducated dorks! You dick heads don’t no shit about the Peg! She is one of the most diverse, stable cities in North America.. Never Booms or Busts the rest of the country is tanking, The US is ready to implode on its self.. And little old Winnipeg is chugging along.. lowest unemployment rate in Canada, 2nd Highest sales for new home starts in North America.Construction everywhere, Hottest women in the WORLD! I’m Dam sexy! We also have the best ownership in the NHL,One of the richest men in the world backing the team… Oh ya just got home from the sold out game, the Jets just beat the MN wild one of the best or the best team in the league right now.. The jets will be here long after we are all dead..Go jets Go

  3. To the Winnipeg Jets: BEANS AND DISEASE MUTHAFUCKAS! Enjoy your mediocre team, they will always suck and never win a cup….well, maybe a nutcup. Lol

  4. Fucken Typical Yankee Biggot, first get your facts straight redneck and read up on the most booming cities in North America, Atlanta is NOT one …. nothing but a bunch of American redneck Propaganda, go screw yourself and your n***er (Nazi) president.

  5. Isn’t it amazing that the Jets are on the outside looking in? Wow big surprise. I like some of those clowns in Winnipeg holding Stanley Cup cutouts and holding up the number one finger sign and yelling ” We want the cup” and “We are going deep this year” meaning the playoffs. lol. Um yea, understand the points system ya tools. Enjoy this fiasco while it lasts, it won’t be long until it’s gone.

    • Oh yeah. How many of your American teams have Canadian players?????? That’s right. Without Canada and Russia, u have no teams. Lmao. America sucks. Lol

      • Canada is one awesome country, with its natural resources, world class cities and great people.

        The point is Winnipeg is a minor league outpost. Canada has nothing to do with it. I would say the same thing if the NHL tried to place a franchise in Idaho or Nebraska.

  6. Gotta love these uneducated American turds. All they know how to do is be bullies and then cry when they don’t get their way. Fact is America never has and never will be able to survive without Canada. They need us for everything. From water to wood, steel, hydro etc. If we weren’t so nice you’d all die from your cockroach lifestyles. Make fun of the peg all u want. Proofs in the pudding. We sell out every game, and everyone in the league agrees that we have the best fans. And they will tune out any one of ur big Yankee money pits any day. You can’t afford em so we took em and u know what. That ain’t all we’re gonna take from you. New generation folks and we’re sick of ur shit. Bailout, bailout, no jobs. Lets invade someone. Jesus. No wonder the world hates you.

  7. Every Country in the world Hates the Yanks except the Yanks themselves, so full of themselves thinking they are all mighty and powerful …. Ha Ha ….. Enjoy it while you can American Retards because when the real WW3 Rolls around it will be the World against the U.S.A (u suck ass) and you will be left with shit assholes. Proof is in the pudding rednecks, if the Canadians never invaded Normandy and surrounded and forced the Nazis to surrender the U.S.A would of lost WW2 and The U.S.A would be Nazi run today ( I know Reagen, Bush, Obama and so on are already basically Nazi Communists) ……… Without Canada you’re nothing rednecks, get that in your dumbass brains … what happens when Canada and the world stop being so nice and stop sharing our resources with you cunts? you will become a 3rd world country bagging Canada and the rest of the world for everything, it is already starting, study it, look it up (if you can actually read) ….. Can’t bully your way around forever because every country is sick of your bullshit already, Canada, UK, Korea, China, Japan, Iraq and the list goes on and on …. like i said it will be U.S.A against the world and guess who will kick ass, sure as hell won’t be the U.S.A, why is the U.S setting up detention camps and mass graves (just like Nazi germany)? because it is only a matter of time before the U.S.A will be blown to shit, be scared cause this is real rednecks and it has already started.

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